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Davis Racing Canoe Center

Meeting Minutes and Reports

DRCC Board Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2013

Present: Jerry Martin, Frank Williams, Dennis Lewis, Dorothy Murphy, Sharon Carter, Chris (Tsang Hao Fung), Henry (Ip Chun Man)

Absent: Rodger

  2. APPROVE MINUTES: Copy of October minutes passed out to each board member.

To save time, all members were asked to read over minutes and send out any edits,

and approve on line.


Membership – Sharon: 2012 we have 94 paid members, 2 of these are new

members. All members that are highlighted in yellow (see attached

membership list) have not responded to my emails or are not planning to

renew membership. I have not seen any of these people at practice as well.

I have sent the waivers from 1/1/2012 through 9/30/2012 to the insurance

company as they requested and had them delivered with proof of delivery.

I also requested that we receive electronic copies of all waivers. Jerry will work

with Sharon on spread sheet to make two sheets, current members and past


Need to streamline waivers, for “guests” ie have a waiver with info at top and

then several lines for guests to sign (not nec. to have all their info until they

become a member). Once someone joins, they will need to fill out the more

extensive waiver with all info. Sharon to ask insurance co. if Ok and what info

would be nec. to get from guests. Could we even get “electronic” signatures

on waivers in case a new member is not given a waiver to fill out at the

practice when they turn in their check.

year expenses except for a few things purchased by Dennis (about $120) and

payment of $300 for the Berkeley Tennis Club room used for our fundraiser

back in June. (reduces the profit from fundraiser to $3,796).

- Working on table cloth with DRCC logo (adding FREE

Dragonboat rides! on bottom)

- Banner: Checking on teardrop shape and standard banner (8’

long by 3’wide) with DRCC and dragonmax logo and name.

- October was breast cancer month. Henry contacted a survivor to

help start an East Bay team. I will compose a draft on logistics

for next board mtg.

- San leandro high team wants to do a social dinner with

DragonMax in December. Most of the team taking a winter

break from paddling but two cars of paddlers may still be

coming on Wednesdays. Who is DRCC member contact for


- Easy bay high school Dragonboat team (maybe a combination

of several east bay schools?). Hardik from El Cerrito high will

start creating interest to start team in January. Hopefully there

will be a team for the CDBA April youth race. The club at school

has started and he has a teacher sponsor.


By Laws - Quorum & Duties of Officers: Over next two weeks, Chris will

send out the changes she and Jerry discussed for the By-laws for board to

review before next mtg. Need to revise by-laws before elections.

will be held at the annual membership mtg in January 2013.

Hopefully, we will be reducing the number of board meetings to every other

month which will make it easier for prospective new board members to attend.

What board positions will be up for elections?

Board Positions: Usually, some board members are willing to stay on for

another year. However, if any member would like to be a candidate for any of

the positions, all positions are up for a vote. Both Dorothy (Fleet Captain) and

Chris (secretary) will be stepping down and are looking for candidates for

their positions. Jerry (president), Frank (treasurer),Sharon (membership), Henry

(community outreach) are considering staying on. Dennis (V.P.) and Rodger

(competition director) are willing to continue in their positions if re-elected.

this Saturday Nov 10.

Ruby: Same renovation for Ruby boat as was done on Max boat, except will

skip the non-skid paint as it collects dirt and doesn’t really seem to matter.

Dennis suggested using gray strips instead.

Tin boat: bottom of boat will be sanded by us, and painted by boat yard, then

back into water by next week.

annual meeting on Feb 2, 2013, 8-4 at the BYC (location suggested by Dennis).

The board feels it is important for DRCC members to show their presence at

part or all of this mtg. Dennis and maybe Rodger will go.

U 23 Party sponsored by PDBA ??(Dennis, please write a couple of sentences

about this)

and from seeing the for sale sign on it) but so far none have panned out. One

deterrent is that the strut needs to be repaired. Board agreed that this repair

probably needs to be done to increase our chances of selling the boat. The

part will cost $500 plus labor at boat yard = approx.. $700 to make this repair.

Warren and Gary could do the job to save us money. Board will wait until after

Ruby is rennnovated to decide on making these repairs.

Board discussed the merits of pulling it out and leaving it on a trailer, or

leaving it in the birth (where is does get seen by passer-bys). There is no

place to park it for free at marina so we would need to look for a place ie a

parking lot at a member’s place of business. Trailer is about 30’long and

7’wide. Chris will ask the membership if anyone has the space.

December 4th : Next board mtg

January: The annual DRCC membership meeting will be held on Jan 12,

2013 after the 9am practice. We would like to cancel the 10:30 practice that

day to assure that more members attend the meeting.